The future of our dogs' food starts today.

Our mission to ensure a strong future of food can only be brought to life through the strength of collaboration.

At RootLab, we never want to decide between feeding people or our beloved pets.

After all, the average American dog consumes almost half the calories that humans do daily. That’s why we’re creating the new approach to safe, sustainable ingredients and packaging that help ensure a future of happy, healthy pets.

Issues like overfishing, over-farmed land, invasive species and millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions from livestock are all on our radar. We strive to use ingredients whose nutrition is currently untapped, and healthy proteins that have a far smaller impact on the environment than traditional ingredients.

Seeking out like-minded innovators, questioning the status-quo and having real conversations about what’s at stake aren’t lost on us. Together, we can make more than a nutritious meal—we can make a real difference.



Rethinking our Packaging

Before your dog takes a single bite, you’re supporting our mission. RootLab is among the first pet foods to use post-consumer recycled materials in our packaging.

Our packaging is made using 18% post-consumer recycled material, and our packaging plastic is made with 50% wind energy.

Giving recycled plastic a purpose can be a challenge, and we’re grateful to have packaging engineers who work around the clock to ensure it’s all done cleanly, efficiently and to international standards. Our goal is to continue to work with our partners to develop viable solutions that minimize our impact.