Meet the Team

Oscar, Ingredient Researcher


A master’s degree and a Ph.D. in animal nutrition, plus a veterinary degree, fueled Oscar’s life’s work of formulating food for several animal species. Oscar initiated a project for the evaluation of a few insect species as nutrient sources. Following market trends, the research focused on crickets. We thank Oscar for innovating our Chicken, Egg & Cricket recipe, and leading the charge on the all the others.


Franco, Packaging Engineer


Hailing from Brazil and having worked as a Packaging Engineer in five countries, Franco has a unique view on how little improvements can have a big impact on our environment. “I bring reusable bags to the supermarket, I recycle my waste whenever I can, I don’t overuse energy at home and I try to share these values with people around me.” Franco defined the packaging material for RootLab, taking the opportunity to choose a material that safely protects the product and supports two sustainability initiatives—wind energy and post-consumer recycled material.


Dan, Food Safety


While some kids dream of growing up to be a teacher or an astronaut, Dan set his sights on feeding dogs better. And he’s been living that dream for the past 15 years. Today, Dan is our food guardian extraordinaire. As we explore new ingredient terrain, he is our sherpa, ensuring that safety and quality are a guarantee. At home, you’ll find him playing with his dog, Molly, and lording over his family’s recycling bins of which he says he is the benevolent “keeper.”


Barb, Formulation Specialist


How did RootLab find the ultimate balance of ingredients that have a positive impact on our food supply and nourish our dogs? Look no further than Barb. Touting a doctorate degree in Human Nutrition, her expertise transitioned to pet food when she added Xena the rat terrier to her family. Barb is most excited about RootLab’s Asian Carp recipe because it “combines producing food for our beloved companions while helping the environment with this invasive species.”


Justin, Quality Assurance


Justin ensures each of our ingredients is up to the highest standards by working with and observing our vendors in their element. With 15 years experience in the veterinary pharmaceutical and nutrition industries, he has the insights that marry delicious and nutritious ingredients with ones that make food go even further. He brings a passion for sustainability home and says that this year, he aims to install a Tesla roof on his home to reduce his family’s reliance on fossil fuels.


Mike, Production Specialist


Mike makes sure the right quality of product and nutrition runs through the machines that craft our kibble—all in the safest, cleanest way possible. He’s in charge of making sure things like water, pressure and temperature are all present in perfect amounts during each stage of cooking.

Chris, Brand Strategist


Chris has a Labrador Retriever that doesn’t retrieve. Her name is Minnie, and she’s been eating RootLab since the second Chris could get his hands on a batch. He’s worked in the pet food industry for 15 years, and even in several countries. When he isn’t rubbing in the fact that he gets to work with dogs and cats all day while his friends do other less cuddle-inducing tasks, Chis plays ringleader to the RootLab brand and teaches his kids how to use their backyard compost pile.


Monique, Regulatory Monique comes from a family that respects the land that grows our food. She says farming is part of her DNA, and that being a steward of the land was ingrained in her at a young age. These morals, coupled with a love for animals, sent her to school to make livestock a more responsible food source. She loves that RootLab aligns with her own personal mission to leave the land in a better condition than how we found it. Monique ensures that Rootlab complies with federal and state regulations.